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She is a Career Strategist and a certified coach. With more than two decades of professional experience, she helps her clients change their trajectory and build the career they desire while enjoying a meaningful life.

In the past decade, she had critical and leading roles in some of Canada’s largest corporations including Fortune Global 500 companies. She has successfully transitioned through careers and worked her way up the ladder in different industries and has successfully achieved all her career goals.

She has worked closely with prominent executives, directors and VPs and sat on the board of directors for a leading organization. Her experience of coaching, leading and managing direct reports has helped her oversee portfolios of hundreds of millions dollars. With her public speaking skills she had led seminars and trainings, and presented financial data to audience of different backgrounds.

Miriam believes in compounding effect of changes and has implemented numerous small and large scale process improvements within variety of organizations & teams.

Continual learning and personal development have always been a core principle in Miriam’s life and work. After graduating from an MBA with a focus on finance, she pursued additional academic background in Law and Taxations. Her professional expertise includes in-depth knowledge of corporate finance, management, organizational behavior, communication and strategic management.

From a personal aspect; she is a wife, a mom, a pioneer, a survivor and an artist. She has worked, lived and studied in different countries, learned to adapt to different cultures of the East and the West. Her life experiences in addition to her positive attitude helped her expand her appreciation for mindfulness, honesty and focus on heart and mind at the same time.




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"Failure doesn't mean you are a failure. It just means you had a great opportunity to learn."

I went through many trial and errors to achieve my goals, but you don’t have to! 

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